Soon after starting my blog, I realised the importance of good photography. In fact one of my main requirements was access to a good camera. I used to have a Canon EOS 1200D, and whilst it had everything I needed, it was too bulky to bring around with me. So now I have a Sony A5100 as well as my iPhone for mobile blog photography. Being a compact DSLR, it has all the functions of my old Canon, but now in a… View Post

If you are reading this and expecting another rant on all the bad things about Pokémon GO, then you can stop reading right now… The latest gaming craze has come in the form of the augmented reality app based on the original Pokémon cartoon franchise originally from 1994 (according to Wiki). It has swept nations across the world and is popular across the young and young at heart alike. This includes me, a grown-ass woman nearing her thirties and yet… View Post