Have you noticed a drop in your engagement on instagram, or perhaps you don’t get as many new followers? Whilst you think you may have been following best practices, you may in fact be victim to a shadowban. In this post, I’ll outline first hand advice and tips on how to avoid getting shadowbanned, as well as how to fix it if you do. Being shadowbanned on Instagram essentially means that you will not show up in recent pics for… View Post

Getting to grips with SEO for bloggers can be quite intimidating if you’re not sure where to start. I wanted to put together a guide for those looking to get a better understanding of SEO and how it benefits your blog or website. There’s a few guides on SEO for bloggers out there already, so I’ll share useful resources down below. But I wanted to put together an ultimate beginner’s guide to SEO and hopefully share some learnings from my… View Post

Even as I draft this blog post, I’m still reconsidering even opening this topic up. But it’s a been long time coming. I want to talk about one of the ultimate debates in the blogging community – bloggers and PRs. So I thought I would share some insight from fellow bloggers as well as my own experiences of what it’s really like to work in blogger outreach and be a blogger at the same time. Yes I am a blogger,… View Post

Is the grass really greener on the other side? In this week’s #MondayMotivation I talk about how I ended up in a career in digital marketing, despite having a degree in music technology.… View Post

So, slight life update: I’ve started a NEW JOB!!! As well as being extremely excited and not to mentioned super busy, I’ve actually unknowingly timed the launch of my blog to line up with my new role. (Disclaimer: I’m now working for a digital agency, specifically within the outreach team – so working with a range of bloggers). I’ve worked in Digital Marketing since I graduated and have been working hard, learning about digital, refining my marketing skills, developing my… View Post