Last weekend there was a brief (oh, ever so brief!) moment of Spring weather in London. I had planned to visit West London anyway, as I wanted to head over to the Natural History Museum and the Science Museum. I didn’t have much else planned that day, except for ensuring I was in a pub somewhere to watch the Grand… View Post

Being fortunate enough to live in London, it’s rare to not have something fun and new to do. Although living in such a vibrant city has it’s perks, it also comes with a downside… The downside being the hefty price tag of all that is associated with living in one of the world’s finest cities. The cost of living in… View Post

As you saw in my last post, we travelled to Rome to celebrate my birthday a couple of weeks ago. I won’t disclose how old I am this year, but all I can say is I’m still in my 20’s… Ahem, moving on. Tourists in Italy for the weekend The obvious destination for us to visit was of course, Vatican… View Post

So it was my birthday last month, and to celebrate the boy and I went Rome, Italy… It was our first time visiting Rome so it was a nice little European getaway for both of us. Of course, it wasn’t just us, and we ended up bringing the usual suspects from my #FamBam. Planning, planning, planning… For those that know… View Post