It’s only been 24 hours since this month’s pay has been credited into my account and I’ve already spent a good portion of it on shopping online! If you’re like me, you’ll be logged onto multiple shopping sites filling up your basket – only to get to checkout to realise you won’t be able to afford rent if you click buy! So to get over the shopping bug I’ve put together my payday wish list, along with a couple of my… View Post

I just realised it’s been well over a month since my last blog post! My absence is mainly due to to things being crazy busy at work. With that being said I’ve loved every second! So many people around me, friends and family included, do nothing but moan and complain about the ‘daily grind’. Dreading their Monday mornings and look forward to the sweet release of the weekend or a holiday. I on the other hand? Look forward to going… View Post

Just another day in the life of a blogger… Ok well to be fair it’s only my second day! On the search for content and images, an ex-colleague (Rina who features in my first StyleStalk post) and I took time after work to visit Brick Lane in East London. I’m an East London girl through and through so knew a couple places where I wanted to go to take some cool shots. We made our way through the back streets… View Post