6 Facts That Might Surprise You About Your Clothes

We see our clothes every single day. We even take them for granted to some extent. And you may not really put much thought into all the tiny details and research that goes into making them what they are. Well, believe it or not, there are actually plenty of things you probably don’t know about your clothes. Here are six facts that might surprise you.

Sustainable clothes

1. Clothes stand up for human rights and are environmentally friendly

We live in a time when the environment and ethical concerns as a whole are increasingly important to all of us – not only to shoppers, but also to the brands who make our clothes. Some clothes brands are going a step further by protecting the environment and also leading the way on human rights. ASOS, for example, have overseen a 12% reduction in their carbon footprint over the past five years, and they have also developed their own training program for modern slavery. With brands such as this, your clothes may be making more of a difference than you realise.

Denim jeans

2. Why you have that tiny pocket in your jeans

We’ve all lost a coin in that tiny little pocket inside your main pocket on our jeans. But what is it actually for? Well, back in the Wild West, the cowboys who first made hard-wearing denim trendy, actually used to keep their watches on chains. So to prevent them from getting broken as they rode their horses around, the manufacturers of jeans designed a tiny little resting place perfect for sliding their pocket watches into. Clever, right?

3. Why your jacket pockets are always stitched closed

Who hasn’t had a jacket with pockets that are stitched up? We’ve all been there, and some of us leave them like that and never bother to do anything about it. Should we break them? Why are they stitched up? Well, it all starts at the factory where your jacket is made. And the reason they are sewn shut is to ensure that the pockets aren’t damaged when they get to the store and we all queue up to try them on. So, they are designed to be unpicked when you get them home. You heard it here first.

Shopping for clothes

4. The buttons on your clothes are not all the same

Have you ever picked up a shirt in a shop, liked the look of it and got it home only to find it feels a little different because the buttons are on the other side? Well, there is a reason for that. It may have passed you by, but all men’s shirts have buttons down the right-hand side while women’s are on the left-hand side. The reason? It apparently comes down to history and tradition. In the dim and distant past, women were less likely to dress themselves and instead had a dresser to do that for them, so it made sense for the dresser to have the buttons on their right when they were doing them up.

5. Why do your jeans have studs?

Well, some research by Elite Daily found that the little studs on your jean pockets are there to make them last longer. The studs are designed to stop the corners of your pocket seams from wearing out when you put keys, money, receipts and other things in there.

6. X marks the spot

We have all seen the little X that often sits on the back of coats. But very few of us know what it is. Well, it’s designed to be removed to allow the separate tailpieces of your coat to move freely – another little trick by workers in factories to keep your coat in shape for longer before you buy it.

Have you got any other quirky facts about clothes to share? Surprised by any of these? Let me know in the comments below.

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