The Modern Workplace: Perfecting Your Work Environment

After almost 10 years of “proper” adulting in a full-time job, it’s safe to say I’ve had my fair share of bad jobs. But what makes a “bad” job? For me this was never about the role itself, and I found that other factors made it seem like a bad job. This ranged from poor management, uninspiring office space or even lack of team interaction.

Whatever the reason, there is always a way to fix these problems. So here are my tips to help you find the perfect work environment.

Know What You Want

This starts with a simple question. Do you know what job you want? If you’re unsure then there’s still ways for you to find out by exploring different options. Firstly do you want a job in an office environment? Or do you crave something a bit more interactive that offers you the opportunity to work from different locations or environments.

Knowing what you want will have a big impact on your job application choices, but it also goes beyond that. Once you are employed, do you know what you want from your employer? Some might assume that salary is a huge factor, when in fact, most millennials actually favour other “perks” more importantly.

Not Just About The Money

New research highlights that an impressive 33% of millennials put more focus on office environment than salary and benefits*. This shows how increasingly important it is for employers to provide additional perks and bonuses outside of monetary efforts. Things like having a cool office space, games room, coffee and snacks in the kitchen – are all office perks that have become the norm for most offices.

Are you an employer looking for better offices? Why not try Free Office Finder to find the perfect space to reward your staff and company.

Personal office desk Office artwork

Make Your Space Your Home

Decorating your work environment is an easy step to make your office space more enjoyable. If you work at a desk all day, simply setting up your desk space to your liking will help make your office feel more like home. You could start with putting up some affordable art or even placing more flowers and plants.

In our office, we tend to stick up jokes or memes for each other to brighten up the mood. I also have a couple succulents (insert typical blogger meme here) and paperweights on my own desk.

Work lunch

Get Social

If you’re like me and not much of a party animal, you probably find yourself skipping out on Friday after-work drinks. But trust me, one of the biggest things to make a difference to your work life happiness is friends! Making good friends at work helps to keep you motivated as well as having someone to lean on or moan to. After all, we can sometimes spend more hours at work then we do at home!

So if you’re not a big drinker, why not organise other social events? I found that team Friday lunches work a treat. Rally up the troops and arrange to all picnic in the park or head to the street food markets if you have them near you. Food is a wonderful way to get to know your other colleagues and start building better work relationships.

What do you do recommend for making the perfect work environment? Are you really happy within your office space?

*Data from Free Office Finder’s survey of 1,500 office workers 

Disclaimer: This is a collaborative post
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  1. 3rd July 2019 / 7:57 pm

    I know you don’t have much control over it but I think the people you work with can make such a different! Always try and distance yourself from the negative ones.

  2. 3rd July 2019 / 7:59 pm

    I love working from home but at least once a month I meet up with other small business owners and work from a cafe. It’s nice to have a change of scenery but also work with others.

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