7 Things I Want To Achieve in 2019

Another year, another new year’s resolution post…

Firstly, let me start by saying happy new year! And apologies for being MIA as of late. It’s been a busy year both personally and professionally. I guess being tired is a sign that it’s been a good year. From promotions to dear friends getting married, it’s definitely been a rollercoaster year.

And whilst it might already be mid-January, I am still thinking about the new year’s resolutions and goals I want to set up for myself this 2019.


#1 Travel More

This one always makes top of my resolutions list. I’ve always loved travelling and try to travel as much as my work schedule (and bank account) allows. But now with the added ability of being able to drive, I would like to visit more of the local travel destinations.

Roadtripping across the UK is something I am aiming to do more of this year. I’ve been to Norwich and Brighton by car before, so am hoping to add a few more places to this by the end of 2019. Do you have any recommendations of places to drive to from London?


#2 Be Healthier

Again another cliché, but it has to be said. And I’m not just talking about trying to lose weight. This year I want to be healthier overall. I want to eat right and do more exercise as well as ensuring my body and mind are both well-rested.

#3 See My Friends More Often

This is one I actually did a lot more of in 2018. Previously, I would always make excuses and was generally very lazy when it came to meeting up with people. But last year I made more of an effort, and it felt great.

As a result I was a lot happier and actually had more fun. I became closer to some friends and actually craved for more events and nights out.


#4 Buy Less Clothes

After once again being inspired by Marie Kondo and the magic of tidying up. I have completely decluttered my home and culled a huge portion of my closet.

This seemed like it would be difficult at first, but now having less choice, it’s actually much easier to choose my outfit for the day. So this year I will be more mindful of the clothes I buy, and will be more minimal in my choices going forward. Leading me nicely to my next resolution…

#5 Save & Earn More Money

As well as saving money by not purchasing so many unnecessary clothes and items. I would also like to get more going on the side hustle, and earn a bit more cash from freelancing gigs or through collaborations on my blog. On that note, if you would like to collaborate, please drop me an email here.

#6 Let It Go

Last year was a lot of draaaaama. So in the words of Elsa; ‘let it gooooo’..

#7 Make More Time For Myself

Probably the most important resolution of them all: making time for myself. This last year I was definitely guilty of being too busy with work to focus on things like my blog. But then I was also too busy meeting friends or family that I would find myself physically exhausted to do anything else.


So this year I will make more time for myself. I will focus on the things I want to do or achieve and ensure I set aside time to do so.

That makes my 2019 resolutions folks! Do you have any goals or objectives you’ve set out for yourself?

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