The Best Travel Destinations According To Instagram

Let’s face it, there are times when we know we are only ‘doing it for the gram‘! I know I’m guilty of going to certain restaurants, shops or even streets – just to get that perfect gram! Instagram has inspired everything from food choices to outfits and now even travel destinations. So I’ve put together a list of best travel destinations according to the top travel-themed hashtags on Instagram.

Bali – #Travel

Definitely one for my own personal bucket list is Bali! This beautiful destination is known for it’s perfect white beaches, unique hotels and crystal clear waters. It’s no wonder it’s always one of the trending destinations for travel-related hashtags.


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Bali’s picturesque beach backdrops make it a fave for your average traveller and travel bloggers alike. With it’s pristine beaches and clear waters, there’s an abundance of photos on Instagram highlighting just how ‘insta-worthy‘ this destination is.

Canada – #Sunset

Not one you’d expect for a good sunset, but it has been a popular destination for travelers alike. And it’s glorious backdrops make it a very scenic sunset. Located in North America, Canada boasts miles and miles of mountains, lakes, waterfalls and acres of trees.


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Often a top destination for adrenaline junkies as the natural surroundings of the country allow many adventure sports like white water rafting, snowboarding or skiing and even rock climbing. This also makes it a perfect location for getting insta-worthy shots.

Philippines – #InstaTravel

A personal favourite for me, as my family is originally from The Philippines. I’ve had the pleasure of travelling here many times across the years. And I’m also really proud to see it featured continually on travel-related hashtags. 

I’ve also noticed a huge influx of instagrammers and vloggers choosing to visit The Philippines and document it. Which is why I think that more and more people have been choosing this as a destination.



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I highly recommend it (but then again I’m biased!), but in all seriousness, the country has so much to offer. From endless beaches, tropical waters full of sea life and gorgeous coral. There is also a bustling night life to explore in the major cities. And of course not forgetting the blend of cultures and cuisines; from Spanish influences to the strong underlying Asian heritages. 

India – #Wanderlust

Another destination in Asia that tops many travel bucket lists is India. And the Taj Mahal in particular is always one of the top featured sites in Instagram photos from this country.


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Don’t be fooled by this photoshopped version, this place is often crowded with hoards of tourists, all trying to get the perfect shot. You may struggle to get a completely clean insta shot here. Known for it’s iconic white marble exterior, the overall architecture is so striking it’s easy to see why so many people flock here for their travels.

Travelling For The ‘Gram

Some studies have looked into the growing trends of how social media has impacted our travel habits. Including some recent research conducted by insurance company Schofield Insurance, stating that 40% of millennials actually choose their destination based on how “instagrammable” the destination is!

So has my Instagram list of travel destinations inspired your wanderlust? Let me know where you’re headed next!

Disclaimer: This is a collaborative post
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