Exploring South Asia: The Mountainous Land Of Nepal

Nepal is a country I’ve been dreaming about for a while. Full of adventure and natural beauty, it tops many travel bucket lists. So pack your backpack and get ready for one of the biggest adventure so your life, exploring the small, yet mountainous country of Nepal. I’m sure you will have probably heard of it as it is the place in which the super famous Mount Everest is located. Although, there is much more to Nepal than just mountains, with so many different things to explore…

The Mountains

Now, as you are already aware that Nepal is a land of peaks and mountain it makes sense to address this side of the country first. Of course, if climbing and trekking in Nepal are your goals, you will be pleased by the number and variety of peak to explore, including the most famous Sagarmatha or Mount Everest.

Everest at 8,848 m is the highest mountain above sea level on the entire earth and has called its siren song to for mountaineers for hundreds of years. You may just wish to take a trek that will bring you to the base camp, a point on the mountain on which the ascent to the summit starts.

However, if you are more of an experienced climber, you may wish to try and reach the summit, although to do so you will need experienced, local guides and sherpers to do so. You will also need special safety equipment that goes way beyond what most travellers would pack in their regular backpacks, so remember to arrive prepared.

Of course, to scale Everest, you will need a fearless nature as well, as many unlucky mountaineers have tried to reach the peak and failed. Only to have their bodies preserved in snow and ice for the next group of explorers to come across during their ascent.

Apart from Everest, there are other peaks you may wish to explore too such as the Annapurna Sanctuary, Manaslu, and Machapuchare. Find out more about them here.


If you would rather explore the rich cultural heritage of Nepal, than spend your time atop a mountain, then a great place to start is Swayambhunath in the capital city Kathmandu.

Swayambhunath is a Buddhist temple complex complete with golden stupas and statues. You will also find a vast family of monkeys living at the site, who are always glad to receive a snack or two from passing tourists.

Try and get there for the evening light ceremony if possible as it is quite magical as the sunsets and evening falls.


It is also well worth paying a visit to the commercial district that is Thamel when in Kathmandu. Thamel is jammed packed with shops, bars, and restaurants, and tends to be where travellers stay while visiting the city.

You can spend some time picking up some genuine Nepalese souvenirs here. Alternatively, you may wish to sample, some of the local delicacies which include momo dumplings and sel roti bread during your stay.

Another option is to explore the Garden of Dreams located close by to Thamel. A neoclassical garden built in 1920, and a wonderful escape from the bustling streets, perfect for when you need a short break from the adventures and excitement of your exploration of Nepal.

Have you ever visited the beautiful wonders of Nepal? Do you enjoy mountain climbing?

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