How To Get A Summer Ready Chic Wardrobe

Stepping out into the sunshine and feeling fabulous is something we long for all year round. I’m sure like me, you’re fed up of the freezing cold weather and miserable rain? So when summer peeps round the corner I always end up hitting the shops and picking out some key summer wardrobe pieces. You want to make sure you have all of the essential clothing items you need to have the best time over the summer months.

Going on a girly holiday with your fabulous friends and need to make sure you look Instagram-worthy all week long? Perhaps you’re opting for a cool staycation closer to home, but still need some awesome new pieces to update your style. Here are a few ways that you can create a chic and unique summer wardrobe in a short space of time. 

Invest In The Perfect Summer Shoes

If you get your summer footwear on point the rest of your style will follow. You don’t need to overcomplicate your summer shoes; all you need to do is invest in some killer sandals that will really complete every outfit. Choose a color that will work with many different outfit choices. Whether you’re a monochrome kind of girl or you enjoy a pop of color, your sandals should be the base of all of your fashion items. Once you have found the fabulous footwear that suits your style you will be able to start putting together your summer wardrobe options.

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Chic & Simple

Keep your outfits simple and use accessories to to dress them up. For example, add a red beret and oversized pair of sunglasses to a plain and simple monochrome outfit and you will have that iconic Parisienne look that will turn heads wherever you go. I also think a white linen blazer is ideal for smartening up a summer outfit.

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Outfits To Take You From Day To Night

You don’t need to buy hundreds of outfits to differentiate your day and night time looks. Take your look from day to night instantly by kicking on a pair of heeled sandals or wearing a pair of statement earrings. You would be surprised how quickly your vibe can transform with just a few quick switches.  

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Perfect Palettes

Find the perfect chic shades that make you feel happy and confident. Your skin tone and eye color can be enhanced by wearing certain shades. As I have olive skin, I find that clothes in royal blue hues and bright greens really pop on me. Whereas blondes always look fabulous in sunshine yellow. Why not try on a few bold colours and see which one enhances your natural beauty the most?

So to summarise, find the ideal sassy sandals to complete all of your outfits, indulge in some statement accessories and find the ideal color palette for your complexion. You could have a completely new summer wardrobe and not realise. Simply work with some of the things you have already and put your own creative twist into them. And dress comfortably, so you can step out into the sun feeling stylish and sophisticated. Whatever your plans are, you know you are going to look flawless.

What are your favourite summer wardrobe pieces? Have any summer fashion pieces you can’t live without?

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