The Perfect Christmas Destinations Hiding Closer Than You Think

The idea of running away for a weekend over Christmas is a dream I’m sure most of us share. It’s that chance to escape to somewhere new and leave all your worries behind as you cosy up in some faraway place, the ambiance of Christmas enveloping you like a lazy Sunday morning duvet. Not to mention the idea of getting out of buying all those Christmas gifts and not having to make small talk with your annoying Aunt or Uncle who can’t wrap their head around why you’re not married with kids yet…

The problem is, well, for most of us, it isn’t feasible. Christmas was already expensive, even before your sister decided to have triplets. Not to mention that you have to be back at work earlier than ever this year because you did the silly thing of getting promoted, both of which mean you can’t jet off for some winter sun.

You can, however, head off somewhere magical right here in the UK, all of which will see you feel like the luckiest person in the world, so here are my top 4 of the best Christmas destinations:

Lincoln Cathedral

1. Fall In Love With Lincoln

This is a place that has seen its medieval charm grow better and better with each passing year – like a lovely bottle of red – but it really comes to life at Christmas, the lights and magical markets all bursting into form around the world-famous Lincoln Cathedral. It is like nothing you have ever seen. As is the Norman Castle. So, if you want a vibrant and dazzling city-break in a metropolis that loves Christmas, then this is where you need to head.

Scotland, Edinburgh Castle

2. Enjoy The Beauty Of Edinburgh

If you’ve been here before, then your heart no doubt fluttered at the very mention of this place, your soul pining to go back. For those that haven’t, this is one of the most beautiful places in the UK, one that erupts with festive merriment. I’ve had the pleasure of visiting multiple times, not just for work but for vacations here and there. And I can honestly say it makes a perfect Christmas destination.

It isn’t just the sights, sounds and fairy lights that will wow you, though; it is the many things to do in Edinburgh that will blow your mind. Walking around the castle, touring the whisky distilleries, zooming off into the surrounding mountains and soaking up the markets. This. City. Is. Unmissable.

Norwich, Norfolk

Norfolk Cathedral

3. Nothing Beats North Norfolk

I had the pleasure of visiting Norfolk earlier this year and am already planning my next trip up! Even from the short time that I was there, I fell in love with the place. What makes the Norfolk so magical is the fact no one just passes through; it is a destination and the north Norfolk coast is the gem in that crown.

Why not take up the chance to snuggle up in a rented cottage in Burnham Overy Staithe? Boasting views across the salt marshes and sea, using this as a home-away-from-home to explore the picturesque villages, each one bursting with cosy pubs and white-light decorations. Or perhaps do your shopping in the quaint village of Burnham Market, eat at the Thornham Deli, walk along the vast beaches of Holkham, and get all festive at the stately homes that are specked across this region. This is one for those who want to get their wellies dirty and their hearts warmed.

Bournemouth, UK

4. Bournemouth is Truly Beautiful

What always amazes me about Bournemouth is its location. It’s only a few hours from London and yet, the moment you roll through the Dorset countryside, you instantly feel a thousand miles away. Yes, this is a place people frequent in the summer thanks to its plethora of beaches, but it also bursts to life in winter. The twinkling lights, the markets in The Square, the walks in the neighbouring hillsides. It’s all so, well, Christmassy.

Have you ever had the pleasure of visiting these destinations at Christmas time? Or have any other UK Christmas destinations to add to the list? Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. 18th December 2017 / 10:48 pm

    We stayed in North Norfolk earlier this year, it was our first time and we loved it and as for Bournemouth it is my second home, I’d move there in a heartbeat. Great picks. Mich x

  2. 18th December 2017 / 11:08 pm

    Lincoln and Bournemouth! Never been to either and those photographs make it look beautiful. This was well worth a read. For people with lots of responsibilities and not enough finances its difficult to get to all of the beautiful places abroad that bloggers write about. This is definately on my trip list! Thank you.

  3. 19th December 2017 / 7:38 pm

    The only destination I’ve been to out of all of these is Bournemouth as I used to live in Southampton and it was my closest seaside town. It is absolutely beautiful! Edinburgh is very high up on my ‘to visit’ list for next year and now Lincoln is too!

  4. 19th December 2017 / 7:52 pm

    Normally I try and do all my travels before Christmas so I can be home and chill, like this year I went to Frankfurt and returned this week. But you’re so right, most times its not feasible to travel during the holidays but UK has some great places

  5. 19th December 2017 / 10:19 pm

    I’ve never visited any of these places, but Norfolk is definitely a place I would of never of thought of visiting before reading this post, I think it’s great to remember your own country can have great things too! X

  6. 20th December 2017 / 8:14 am

    That architecture, though! WOW! Just stunning and some places there that I have never been!

  7. 20th December 2017 / 10:11 am

    I really want to go to Edinburgh over the festive period as I bet it has such a lovely feeling x

  8. 20th December 2017 / 6:06 pm

    I went to Edinburgh just before Christmas once and it was brilliant – we had such a great time!

  9. 21st December 2017 / 12:20 am

    I think that all of these destinations are stunning and it just goes to show that you do not have to go abroad to have a good time. Lincoln looks wonderful x

  10. 21st December 2017 / 10:53 am

    North Norfolk is such a pretty area, I really need to re-visit now I have children.

  11. 21st December 2017 / 1:21 pm

    Edinburgh for Christmas is the dream! Its just so hard juggling all the needy family members!

    C x

  12. 21st December 2017 / 11:39 pm

    Edinburgh is just so beautiful, I’m in love with the architecture. I’ve only been there once on a flying visit, I’d love to go back and explore properly.

  13. 24th December 2017 / 7:44 pm

    Love this article, as there is no need to take a flight for an easy break away at Christmas – I love Edinburgh for sure – Marry Christmas x

  14. 24th December 2017 / 7:46 pm

    I would love to visit Edinburgh! Christmas sounds like a really lovely time 🙂

  15. Vicky
    24th December 2017 / 10:33 pm

    Never ventured to any of these at Christmas but they do look lovely so might consider it when the kids are older 😊

  16. 25th December 2017 / 12:10 am

    I really want to visit Lincoln but we are off to Edinburgh in the New Year and cannot wait. I lived there for more than a year and a half and cannot wait to go back

    Laura x

  17. Hannah
    25th December 2017 / 8:00 am

    I havent been to any of these places. I’d love to visit Edinburgh

  18. Hannah
    30th December 2017 / 6:00 pm

    I have always wants to go to Edinburgh for Christmas one year x

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