Payday buys you need this April

Wow, this month year has flown by so quickly. We are already into April and now it’s officially Spring in London! The flowers are blooming, the sun has come out and the breeze is getting ever so warmer. Not to mention it’s payday! So that means one thing – shopping! So what better way to spend your money than to purchase some spring fashion must-haves.

Here are some of my latest faves to help update your wardrobe for spring.

It’s skirt season!

I’m British, and that mean’s one thing for spring. The moment the sun comes out, so do the legs! It’s actually quite amusing to see how fast we Brits swarm to lighter, shorter and skimpier items for our spring fashion choices. But I’m not one to judge, I’ve already started clicking away on ASOS for skirts and dresses.

I’m currently in love with pastels and floral, check out these ones from ASOS:

The sunglasses

I absolutely love wearing sunglasses! Not only is it forgiving for those who are like me and don’t often wear eye make-up. But it really helps make that little difference to an outfit. You don’t even have to worry too much about matching them to your outfit. So why not try something a little bit different?

I usually opt for classic Raybans and often purchase these at the airport. Well, because, duty free! But when it starts to get a bit sunnier, I like to buy cheaper ones from ASOS or other high street shops.

The beauty of accessories is that you can dare to be a bit more eccentric with your choices. Especially with sunglasses where you have a range of choices of different designs. So why not try a funky cat-eye shape or perhaps some bright coloured lenses.

Walk this way

If you know me, you’ll know I love my shoes. But in particular I’m a bit of a sneakerhead. Except I don’t queue outside the sports stores for hours, or wait for the latest designs to drop then buy. But, I do buy many and often. I probably have more shoes than I can wear in a lifetime, but what’s a girl to do…

Shoes in spring can be a bit hit and miss as you can never rely on British weather. I usually stick to flats like trainers, but if I’m feeling fancy I may opt for a chunky heel. One thing’s for sure, you’ll never see me in sky high heels!

So that makes my latest payday wishlist, hope it gave you some spring fashion inspo. Got any you think I should add? Have you updated your wardrobe for spring yet?

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