Birthday in Roma

So it was my birthday last month, and to celebrate the boy and I went Rome, Italy… It was our first time visiting Rome so it was a nice little European getaway for both of us. Of course, it wasn’t just us, and we ended up bringing the usual suspects from my #FamBam.

Planning, planning, planning…

For those that know me, I’m a bit of a control freak and like to be well planned and prepared when it comes to most things in life. This included setting up a group calendar link, itinerary PDF, packing check-list and maps and basic information pack for all travellers. This was not to everyone’s liking – I know, shock-horror! I basically planned everything to a T, but everyone was all like ‘just go with the flow, YOLO’… Blah, blah, blah…

So I gave up on all the planning and decided to be random and live on the edge! It wasn’t all bad in the end and we ended up still seeing some great sites and visiting the usual tourist destinations. More on that in my next post

Home away from home

Our accommodation was the 4-star Veneto Palace hotel on Via Piemonte – a great location, just 10 minutes away from central hotspot Piazza di Spagna and the Trevi Fountain.

The decor was a bit dated, but it does try and stick to a regal, vintage theme – which gives it a cute charm. Although for a 4-star it was lacking in terms of the added extras expected of such a hotel. For example, it would have been nice to have a bath robe and slippers.

The rooms were spacious and bed was super comfy. I also liked the extra sofa/bed that was available even in the double room.

One thing to note if you plan on staying at this hotel, if like me, you read trip advisor reviews first – please don’t be put off by the negative comments. A lot of the comments towards the staff were quite negative but I found them nothing but welcoming, accommodating and friendly. Even before when I emailed prior to our arrival to ask about a late check-in (we were arriving at 11pm) and also changing requirements of room size, the team member (Flavia) answered my email almost instantly and was able to update my booking at no additional cost and confirm a late check-in would be possible.

It’s worth noting that we also accidently checked out late as we thought the check-out time was at 12pm (it was actually 11am), but instead of rushing us and charging us. We were given a gracious call to ask if we were ready to check out yet as they needed to clean the rooms. I was so embarrassed and was willing to pay extra for the late check-out, but this was not even mentioned!

The hotel bar was also a life-saver, whilst we wanted to enjoy nights at local bars, we also took advantage of the hotel bar who stayed open until early morning to fuel us with even more alcohol. We ended up going to bed around 4am both nights just because we enjoyed staying up in the bar drinking. We even made some new friends who were also staying at the hotel and were also from London.

I’ll leave it there for now. Look out for my next post to see what we got up to.

Have you been to Rome before? Comment below to let me know what your trip highlights were…

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