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I just realised it’s been well over a month since my last blog post! My absence is mainly due to to things being crazy busy at work. With that being said I’ve loved every second! So many people around me, friends and family included, do nothing but moan and complain about the ‘daily grind’. Dreading their Monday mornings and look forward to the sweet release of the weekend or a holiday. I on the other hand? Look forward to going to work! Yes its stressful, yes its busy… But I love what I do and am excited by the opportunities available to me.

Ok so enough of my non-rant rant, and back to the purpose of this post…


Last weekend I went to the Louis Vuitton series 3 exhibition in London. I first found out about the free #LVSeries3exhibition at the Louis Vuitton at the Selfridges LV concession. The exhibition was held at a venue located next to Somerset House and was open to the public throughout September to October.

The sales associate asked me if I had heard about the exhibition and proceeded to tell me I should head
down to it if I had the chance. I looked it up and booked a ticket for the guided tour, lucky really as the queue was over 45 minutes when we arrived! The #LVSeries 3 exhibition showcased the designer’s influences and creative process, with a short history of the LV brand and beginnings. For full details on the exhibition visit the #LVSeries3 website here.

We arrived and walked past the queues and headed straight in and were quickly greeted by our tour guide. He took us through all of the rooms and presented each room explaining the thinking and purpose of each installation. Series 3 is described as a ‘sensorial journey’, which structurally was designed as a body. Starting in the first room where you were presented with an extraordinary, geodesic dome – described as the ‘brain’. This room sets up the tone for the journey, filled with nothing but cold grey walls and the structure of the dome above you. The walls whisper the soft vocals of model Adèle Exarchopoulos reciting a poem which reflects the moments of thoughts and creation of Nicolas Ghesquière.

The ‘brain’ room then leads you into the ‘heart’ of the exhibition where the walls are filled with images of the designer’s inspiration. The centre of the room holds a Louis Vuitton trunk that holds many of Louis Vuitton’s secrets as well as Nicolas Ghesquière’s more recent ones.

The Artist’s Hands

Louis Vuitton ExihibitionThe following room is entitled the ‘artist’s hands’, and contains a series of digital work areas presenting POV video footage of an artist at work. This leads nicely into the next room that explains the more recent technology behind the craftsmanship of a Louis Vuitton piece. The recent designs utilise laser technology to cut out the individual pieces of leather, so that each piece is cut to the millimetre and no fabric is wasted.

The next room consists of two actual LV artisans at work Artisan's artand allow you to see them at work first hand whilst building the Louis Vuitton Petite Malle purse. Some interesting facts about apprenticeships at Louis Vuitton:

  1. An apprenticeship could last anything from 3 months to 20 years
  2. An artisan will spend their whole career only ever making 1 design

These facts highlight the true craftsmanship behind the Louis Vuitton designs and really put into perspective the art and care put into the creation of each and every bag.

Accessories Gallery & Wardrobe Sensation

White on whiteThe final rooms showcase the range of the various handbags, trunks and more. The Accessories Gallery is a blank room filled with white walls, with the only colours presented through the individual accessories on display. A mixture of older designs were also highlighted including one of Louis Vuitton’s original trunks sourced from the designer’s archives.

The next and final room was a fashion lover’s dream of a wardrobe. Talk about #ClosetGoals, this room embodies it entirely! The glass cases #ClosetGoalsdisplayed the beauty of textiles and designs of an array of Louis Vuitton’s designs. From clothes, shoes, bags and accessories – this wardrobe had everything a girl could wish for.

The end of the exhibition led nicely into a bar area with a beautiful view of the Thames river, it was hard to say no to a nice glass of bubbly to end the afternoon.

Another of the rooms labelled the ‘Infinite Show’ relived the beauty of the 2015/16 live catwalk show from Paris Fashion Week. The setup of the room was identical to the show first presented at the Louis Vuitton Foundation, and also opened the catwalk to allow any guests walk the same runway from the show.

Fashion… More than just shopping

Fashion comes in many forms, through art and creative expression – it embodies much more than just shopping. Fashion exploration presented through exhibitions has seen a huge rise in the recent years. Partly due to the growth of the digital landscape and social in particular. Brands are utilising the social platforms through engaging with various bloggers and influencers, but also engage their wider audience by opening their doors to them in the form of a show or exhibition.

My first experience of this was the Louboutin exhibition a couple of years ago. And this year is no exception, if you fancy exploring some fashion exhibitions of your own, check out this list for 2015 in London by Time Out.

Did you get a chance to see the #LVSeries3 for yourself? Tell me what you thought or if you plan on seeing some of the other exhibitions in London? Tweet me at @arcasela or leave your comments below.

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  1. 20th November 2015 / 12:54 am

    Great post! I really wanted to see this, happy I got to read about it here 🙂 xx

    • arcasela
      22nd November 2015 / 11:22 pm

      Thanks Kate! It was a good exhibition I hope they do another one ????

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