I think everyone has a beauty secret or two that are just too juicy to share. For me, this was the Tangle Angel Pro. But it’s so good, that it just wouldn’t be fair to keep this amazing product all to myself! Read on if you want to discover the secret to tackling your tangled hair woes… A blow dry fit for a Princess A few weeks ago, the team over at the Richard Ward Salon & Spa invited me… View Post

For someone like me who loves a weekend lie-in yet still enjoys breakfast food – brunch is the ultimate combination! Let’s face it, am I even a blogger if I don’t enjoy brunch? As you can imagine, I was more than a little excited when the team at Quaglino’s invited me down to review their updated brunch menu. So what can you expect from Quaglino’s brunch? First thoughts Having been to Quaglino’s before, I had already fallen in love with… View Post

For me, travel, blogging and writing go hand in hand. I enjoy capturing the moments of enjoyment and excitement from my travels through my photographs and blog posts. Today’s guest post highlights how writing can enrich these travel experiences and how writing can enhance your blogging too. Writing will change your life Writing is a form of art that will challenge you and at the same time make every life experience richer, fuller and transform it into something communicative and strong.… View Post

People change and friends fall out. And even best friends can grow apart. If you hadn’t realised, this post is a bit of a personal one today, but I’ve needed to get this off my chest for a while. And what better place to talk about my feelings than my own blog! So with that warning in mind, I’ll understand if you click away now. Maybe check out my travel inspo post for something a bit lighter? Breaking up with a… View Post

Living in London, it’s normal to expect the British weather to be unpredictable. In fact, it’s not uncommon to carry both sunglasses and an umbrella on the same day! This summer has been no different. With some days boasting scorching 28-degree heat, swiftly followed by icy 15-degree days. So I wanted to share my review of the Secret Herb Garden – a unique end of summer experience from The Royal Horseguards Hotel. What is the Secret Herb Garden? The Secret… View Post